Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 7 - Ladies Day at Broome

The day started very early for Ray who was booked for a 6.30am pick-up to go fishing on a local Charter Boat (Absolute Ocean Adventures). The mini-van had 10 people to transport to the boat which was moored off the coast at Gantheaume Bay. A little dinghy took the fisher-persons out to the bigger boat which was a very smart high powered brand new machine. We fished on reefs about 16 to 20 kilometres off shore and Ray caught the first fish and the best of the day. It was a lovely coral trout. Everybody on board caught fish and it was a very successful five hours. Ray met folk from Melbourne and one of them was Brian Sweeney not only a fellow member of Kingston Heath Golf Club but also his business (which he has recently sold) is located over the road from the Church in Bridport St Albert Park.  Those on board saw whales, had fish stolen by sharks, saw dolphins and enjoyed very calm conditions.

In the meantime Glenys took off at 7am for a walk on the expansive, wide and white sands of Cable Beach. It was a glorious morning, the blue sea sparkled and the ocean waves crashed and rolled. It was hard to know when to stop and turn back and after a considerable length of time reluctantly turned back along the beach for the return journey. Arriving back at Millington Road well after 8am for brekky with Denny.

A trip to Broome Town Centre to pick up the computer brought with it the joy of having it returned in working order - yippee.

The serious business of getting ready for Ladies Day at the Races then ensued. Soon Denny appeared in a superb red and black outfit - hat and all and she had decked Glenys out in some of her other finery. Ray arrived home with his catch of 3 including the famous coral trout, which Denny (in her finery) proceeded to scale and prepare in advance for the evening meal.

We picked up Jill Munro on the way to the Races - Denny had already been collected and taken to a sponsored marquee.  On the strength of her disabled sticker we were able to park the car at the entrance gate by-passing about a kilometre of parked cars. The races in Broome on this day are like a giant fancy dress parade both women and men in amazing outfits. The young women very colourful not wearing very much and mounted on very high heels.

We had received a few tips from the two Trevors in Victoria only one ran a place - enough to put us completely off backing horses if we weren't already.  Nevertheless we enjoyed the occasion and meeting many of the locals introduced by Jill and later by Denny.

Jill joined us to demolish the coral trout cooked on an enormous wok and then we all were invited guests at the home of Mike Windle (a local bookmaker) and his partner Veronica (Ronnie).  We were there in time for the announcement of the engagement of Mike's son and then not to be outdone Mike announced his own engagement to Ronnie. More bubbly!

More of the garden at Millington Road

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