Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 1 - Off to Broome WA

The alarms croaked at an early hour and we bounced out of bed to get ready for our 6.30am taxi to the airport.

All went well and the flight was smooth - our new friend, Brian, (on his fourth visit to Broome) gave us a few tips e.g. "a must see is the local footy on the Saturday".

Broome Airport and a spectacular welcome from Denny - it was so good to see her and Jill Munro - and our new friend who had been staying with Denny and we think help with the clean up and preparations for our visit.

Soon we were out in Denny's Honda SUV exploring the town. The shops, the town beach, the pearl luggars - so much to see. We visited the golf club - a superb view from the club house and we enjoyed a Matso's Ginger Beer on the terrace. Ray was very much at home.

A bit more sightseeing on the way to Denny's house which is located just behind the Cable Beach Resort and the holiday 'shack' o f Kerry Stokes. She has several acres of bush block and a lovely garden and lawn around her house.  We are greeted with a customised Welcome Sign!

It was after 4pm when we finished lunch and discovered that the movie 'Red Dog' wa showing at the famous "Sun Outdoor Cinema". Jill and Ray packed up quickly and headed off into town to get tickets and we returned to pick up Denny and Glenys.

The movie is set in Dampier and seeing it in Broome made it all the more  special. You nearly jump out of your seat in fright when the Qantas plane comes into land not far from the theatre - after that we just laughed every time a plane left or landed seemingly beside our right ear during the movie!

We came home after the show, dropping Jill at her friend's house on the way, we had omelette and then it was off to bed. A long and full and great day-one of our holiday in WA.

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