Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 4 - Broome - Denny's birthday

Denny's birthday and instead of Pedro waking us up - it is the phone. We reckon it rang 30 times this day - what a popular girl!  We had bought Denny a lovely cut out card and with that a Coleman Deck chair. She seemed very pleased.

Soon the first visitors- Sue arrives, but she hadn't realised it was Denny's birthday - so comes back later in the day. The phone continues to ring off the hook and we break open the first bottle of bubbly for the day. We go to town to the Saturday morning market where we meet at a regular rendezvous spot for Denny and her pals behind the coffee stall. We enjoy a delicious iced coffee and a stroll in the market finds us discovering another couple of Benalla acquaintances, Kevin Rhodes and partner Evelyn Ferris.

After the market we get some supplies arriving home for lunch. Ray & Glenys have our first swim at the beach.  On arrival back at the house there is another visitor there, Colleen (Richard's partner) and more bubbly. Colleen has come bearing beautiful gifts - a large cup and saucer pot plant and other goodies.

We had planned to go to the local footy but a text message alerts us to the fact that its all over and the locals have lost - so we make our way out to Gantheaume Point, to Corrie's house.   This is an unbelievably beautiful home a great place from which to watch the sunset, next to the lighthouse. Corrie has a majestic garden and we sit around wth her sister, Fran, daughter, Mikayla and her partner Scott. Another great Broome experience, that Denny had carefully planned. More champagne of course.

Then its off to Cable Beach Resort where Denny managed to reserve a table against all the odds - poolside in the Thai Restaurant. We agree not to have any more bubbly as we are already awash with it.  Our reserved table is beautifully decorated in flowers especially for Denny and we are no sooner seated and three complimentary glasses of French champagne arrive compliments of management for Denny - we burst out with laughter.
Glenys, Colleen and Denny and gifts -  another bubbly moment

We enjoyed a really delicious meal but by the end of it Denny was either very tired or sloshed we had a lot of celebrating for one day for an 83 year old and Denny is probably near exhaustion with telephone calls. We had back to the houe for coffee and hummingbird cake - finishing off  more of this delicious specimen that Charles and Martine (caretakers) had brought across during the day - oh yes we had some bubbly with them around lunch time also. For supper it was hot chocolate for some an coffee for others - another treat day in paradise - a big and we hope happy birthday for Denny.

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