Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3 - Broome (Friday)

We cut through the grounds of Cable Beach Resort on our morning walk and enjoy the 5 star surrounds - making out that we are guests. A quick look at the ocean - its again almost low tide - heaps of sand. Back for another delicious breakfast and some work on the computer(s) both ours and Dennys!

Water lily pond Cable Beach Resort

We take the car to town and Denny stays home to prepare for tonight's Dinner Party. We have lots of fun exploring the shops making a few purchases and enjoying lunch at Shady Lane. Ray creates a quick little water colour picture while Glen reads a cafe magazine.

Entrance to Cable Beach Resort

Late afternoon we have a swim at Cable Beach and on our way to have coffee at Zangers we meet a Benalla contingent comprising - the Mounseys, the Londons and the McDonalds.  It was great to catch up up with them and Marg Mounsey soon has Ray chatting to a very confused Rose Squires on the phone in Benalla.

After a cold cup of coffee we return to get organised and dressed for dinner. Denny's lovely guests Liz & Gary, Peter Van, David Power and Jill Munro. What a great night to get the birthday girl's big day under way. All enjoy Denny's famous chicken curry and rhubarb crumble.

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