Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 5 - Sunday in Broome

Early start for a 7.30am "traditional" Communion Service at the Church of the Ascension, Broome. A little crowd of around 20 people were present led by the Rev Tim Mildenhall - no robes and not much fuss. We seem to have missed the Gospel although he did make a point that we would find Jesus in the Service. We struggled to find Jesus however we appreciated his earnest prayerfulness. A truly momentous event in the service was whilst at the altar rail a little dog started to bark, Denny leaned across and whispered "that's my phone!". We all burst out laughing.

After the service we chatted with other visitors including Peter and Jenny Hammond from Yarrawonga. We may meet up with them again at Perth Cathedral this coming Sunday as they will have pressed on with their tour via the sea (P&O Cruise).

We visited the Japanese and Chinese cemeteries and the graves of some dear friends of Denny's.

Denny's garden

Back to Millington Road for one of Denny's famous Sunday breakfasts all you can eat - eggs and bacon etc. and a long chat. Then we headed for Cable Beach with $20 in hand ready to buy ourselves some time under a beach umbrella lazing on banana lounges. Before that we had a lovely swim in the fabulous clean surf - the water only cold for a moment and then magnificent.

Ray captured something of this afternoon in a little watercolour that he later framed and presented to Denny as a thank you for her kind hospitality.

After dinner we spent a fair slab of time trying to get our little travelling computer to work without much success and then we turned our attention to watching the final of MasterChef on television.

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