Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 10 - Rottnest to Perth

Our second day on Rottnest Island was very relaxing. Mounting our bicycles again with sore backsides from yesterday's big ride Glenys was heard to comment that the term "bums on seats" has just taken on new meaning! We had the bikes until 11am so decided to explore some other parts of the island not far from the settlement. We took some good photos on another stunning morning.

Bike riders

Among the highlights were seeing the little train running, then visiting the Museum, the Boatshed and Lomas Cottage - all staffed by pleasant and eager volunteers and we enjoyed hearing something of the interesting history of this Island.  The low point for us in the history of Rottnest was the fact that for many years it was a prison for aborigines, many of whom spent long cold months and years for petty crime and sometimes it would seem unproven misdemeanours.

Our last little bike foray (Ray being determined that we should climb EVERY hill on the island) was to the little settlement of Kingstown. This has been a military installation during wartime and is very well preserved these days for tourist accommodation.

Rottnest train

After returning our bikes we decided to use the majority of our remaining time on the island painting, sketching, relaxing and of course eating. Much to our surprise when the ferry arrived for our 4.30 pm departure people came from everywhere for the return journey. Clearly tradesmen and workers ending their week and lots of day tourists.

We were transferred from Fremantle to Barrack Street Pier in Perth by a very chirpy bus driver who not only entertained us and informed us but amazingly dropped us right at the door of Somerset Apartments where we are staying in Perth.

Accompaniments to Korean BBQ

Having settled in to our accommodation we headed out to explore the city and find an evening meal. We were looking for "Miss Maud's All You Can Eat Swedish Smorgasbord" as recommended by our bus driver but in the end we settled for Korean Barbeque (a much more realistic sized meal) and this turned out to be lots of fun as you cook the meat on your table and then load it into a lettuce leaf with rice and an amazing array of Korean delicacies and went back to Somerset apartments feeling very satisfied with ourselves.

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