Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 17 - Air and sea - Treetops and blowholes

We departed timbertown Pemberton in the early morning and drove through miles and miles of beautiful tall natural forests. We learned later in the day that these were a mixture of Karri, Marri and Tingle trees. The drive was breathtaking and we were inspired to stop at the "Valley of the Giants" treetops walk just beyond Walpole and before Denmark. 

The self guided tour of the tree tops only takes about an hour but is not one for those afraid of heights!  At times the metal walkway sways and reaches a height of 40 metres above the forest floor. After that we also walked the Lost Empire Walk at forest floor level amongst many interesting features were the Tingle trees with hollowed out bases.

Then it was on to Albany by lunchtime. We enjoyed fish and chips by the sea at Middleton Bay and each did a quick watercolour painting. Then we drove around Albany exploring some of its many wonderful natural features. The commanding view from the Anzac Memorial where the first dawn service was held in memory of the Anzacs who left from the port of Albany to go to Gallipoli!

We also visited St John's Anglican Church, WA's oldest consecrated Anglican church.

The blowholes were the next port of call and worth the visit.

Natural bridge at the blowholes

Thrilled to have heard from Steve in Cuba, our dogs Lucy and Ruby at the Boarding Kennels, The Vineys of Wildwood Road and Trevor from Yarrawonga.


  1. Rather you than me on the treetop walk; it looks higher than the lift scaffold!

    I'm thinking it will take at least a week for you to get back into work mode...

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