Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 14 Bunbury to Margaret River

After the doom and gloom of the prison world yesterday we rejoiced at kinder weather and a happier tourist agenda for today.

Our first task to explore the Cathedrals and to try and locate our old friend Fr Joe Hopkins. Joe trained at Morpeth with Ray and we had not seen each other since 1975. We were delighted to find him at work as an Archdeacon in the Diocesan office. We also met the new Bishop of Bunbury, Alan Ewing.  Joe and Wendy have 5 children all about the same age as ours or older.

St Boniface Cathedral (Anglican) is a small building with a rather peculiar reredos made from ceramics apparently depicting the Southern Cross. This particular piece of artwork was recently created after a dossel curtain caught on fire.  The Catholic Cathedral up the road is brand new and replaced the original building which had been destroyed by a cyclone.  The new Cathedral is absolutely stunning but again with a peculiar reredos artwork.  What is it about Cathedrals and the art behind the altar? Nevertheless this building is a gem - a great worship space and no expense seems to have been spared in creating a beautiful place of worship.

Interior of Catholic Cathedral

St Boniface Anglican Cathedral

Ray outside the new Catholic Cathedral

The Art Gallery of Bunbury is housed in an old Convent and contemporary exhibitions were less than inspiring. We then explored the harbourside and beach areas of Bunbury and the lookout and lighthouse.

After fish and chips by the beach we headed for Margaret River and stopped firstly on the way at Busselton. We were delighted with Busselton and so glad we took the time. There is a pier that is one mile long and an  impressive beachside precinct.

Busselton pier
Next stop was Yallingup Gallery, this is one of the best private galleries one can ever visit. It is literally full of quality works of art a mix of traditional and contemporary (that you can interpret) and lots of blown glass and  beautiful jewellery.

Arriving in Margaret River with the sun still shining we were delighted with our holiday unit at the pub. We took a stroll around the village and were surprised by the number of surf shops (so its not just about the wine!).

Main Street Margaret River

Margaret River Pub where we
found there was room at the Inn!

We look forward to being here now for two days and hope you will think of us as we now head off to the pub for a glass of red by the open fire!


  1. That photo of Busselton pier looks like a future painting!